Production Sound


Director: Susan Felder

Sound Designer: Matthew David Birchmeier

Hamlet was the first production in CCM's Patricia Corbett Theater after renovations started. Working with an unfinished infrastructure gave me the experience to troubleshoot with little knowledge of the space. The production was complete with a full vocal reinforcement system. It was mostly made up of d&b speakers with a little help from Meyer UPJ delays. 

Photo Credit: Mark Lyons

A Chorus Line

Director: Diane Lala

Sound Designer: Michael Eisenberg

Getting experience as a systems engineer for a working professional was invaluable. This experience gave me a look into what expectations are for professional designers as opposed to student designers. Also, being in the room, while Michael tuned was very unique as he is a d&b rep. CCM had never rented d&b gear before and it was a nice taste for what was to come two years later with the renovations in our proscenium spaces.

Photo Credit: Mark Lyons