Design Experience

Director: Vince DeGeorge

I designed Children of Eden around a Yamaha LS9-32. My vocal reinforcement system comprised of Meyer UPJs, Meyer MM4s and Apogee SSMs. I used Meyer UPMs, a UPA and Apogee AE-10s for effects speakers. I used the Yamaha DME-64 for outboard processing.

Photo Credit: Mara Tunnicliffe

Director: Richard Hess

Content Designer: Patrick Jansen

The Her Naked Skin system began as a 5.1 surround sound system for each section and boiled down to a loose  5.1 system for the theater. I designed my system around a Yamaha PM5D.  My main center cluster was a pair of UPJs. The main left and right were  UPAs.  The surrounds were Apogee AE-3s and AE-5s, with AE-5s as overheads as well. Rounding out the low end were AE-10s.

Photo Credit: Mark Lyons

Associate Design Experience

Director: Diane Lala

For JCS, I created the signal flow diagram and a character breakdown from the score during the design process. 

My primary job during the rehearsal process consisted of being a liaison for the wig and make-up/costume departments and compiling a department wide script that had all the information the sound team needed for the show.

Designer: Matthew Birchmeier

Photo Credit: